Money Sunday

Bob FranquizTeaching

We continued our marriage series “Illusions” as we dealt with one of the big 3 issues couples get divorced over: money. Many churches do a decent job talking about tithing (insert joke here) , but very few ever help people with what God has to say about the other 90%. This, to me is a tragedy. So I shared a very autobiographical message and talked about how as a college student, I got myself into major debt. Then through some study of the Scriptures and some very helpful Christian books I was able to gain some wisdom and develop a plan to get out of debt.

It took my wife and I 3 years from the time we got married to be totally debt free. This took having no cable, no vacations, and $35 a month for groceries our first year of marriage (no, $35 a month wasn’t a typo). The thing that kept ringing in my spirit was that as a guy who was even going to Bible College to enter the ministry, I had never heard a message on how to handle money God’s way. So I told our church that I never wanted that to be said of anyone here. So we went for it!

Honestly, I never know how people are going to react after hearing a message on money (mostly I’m speaking of newcomers). The church has such a bad reputation in regards to money (much of that reputation is justly earned – can you say “TV preachers”?) But as I talked with at least a dozen new families and individuals this morning, they thanked me for sharing the Scriptures and my own story.

You walk away from a morning like this and just feel like God’s hand was all over it!