Mediocre Movies

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Carey and I haven’t been to a movie in quite a while (we’re not boycotting, we just have a little girl at home), but we’ve been renting movies over the last month to catch up on what’s come out. I’ve got to tell you, we’ve been disappointed with what we’ve seen lately.

Here are my reviews on the movies that everyone in the known world has seen already:

1. Spider-man – Great message. Not so great of a movie.
2. Fantastic 4 – OK, but not fantastic ­čÖé
3. Live Free or Die Hard – Awesome! I love John McClane.
4. License to Wed – Good. Could of been better, but very funny.
5. Transformers – weak (I know many will disagree, but the story was weak)
6. Evan Almighty – great! Very funny and great message
7. Ratatouille – I wasn’t into it.

Haven’t Pirates 3, Shrek 3, or Ocean’s 13 yet. So there’s still hope…