Mass Marketing’s Mass Appeal?

Bob FranquizGeneral

So I’m debating the topic of marketing. Not in the “Is it biblical to send out a piece of mail telling people that we are having an Easter service, or am I worshipping Satan for mailing it?” But in the sense of “how effective is it?” We’ve done mailings and ads and that sort of thing and it has had some success, but most of the Pastors I have talked to tell me that over 70% of people who visit their church are invited by friends or family. Last year, of everyone who visited our church, 74% came because someone invited them. Could it be that mailings and such are becoming a thing of the past generation? I don’t know about you, but I get inundated with junk mail everyday. So when I got a postcard that a new “dollar store” was opening around the corner from me, I wasn’t glad they informed me about it. I was mad they were taking up space in my already cramped mailbox! So could it be that in a world that’s craving relationships, we won’t show up to a church until there’s some kind of relationship with another human being drawing me and their life is reflecting something that I want in mine?