Married Life

Bob FranquizChurch

Last night we held our first Married Life event and it was great. Major props to our staff for making this a great time and for their creativity to make this night interactive and fun.

What was amazing to me is that I had nothing to do with this. I was given a topic to speak on and I had no idea what else was going on until I got there.

I think for Pastors this speaks a couple of things:

#1 – It speaks trust because you aren’t getting your hands into everything. Nothing kills morale like having to be involved in everything. When you have to control everything or have everything flow past you, you create a bottleneck that prohibits your staff from being effective.

#2 – It speaks freedom. I hate details and letting go allows me to do what I love (Which is listening to myself talk, er… preaching) and lets other leaders do what they love.

#3 – It speaks “Stay!” Creative leaders don’t stay in environments where they are controlled. They desire space to roam. Good leaders give their staff space to operate.

One of things I’ve seen over the years is leaders who give responsibility without authority. This is always a disaster. If you’re going to give one, you have to give both.