Manuscript Done

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I just finished the first draft of a manuscript that is going to be my next book. The working title is, “Mirror, Mirror: How your reflection reveals God’s image.” In short, the book is about servanthood. I believe it picks up where “elements” left off. The central theme is still the issue of greatness, yet it focuses on the idea that greatness in the kingdom is being the servant of all.

It started as a little pamphlet that I wanted to give to every person that began serving at Calvary Fellowship. The problem was, it kept growing and it ended up being about 17,000 plus words. This will probably make the book about the size of “The Prayer of Jabez” (If it could only sell that many copies ­čÖé

I think servanthood is a lost subject in the church in an era of customer service. Yet it’s one that people need to hear if they are going to be full on disciples of Jesus.

When it will be out? Hopefully by the end of the year, maybe sooner…