Making Investments and Creating Safeguards

Bob FranquizChurch

My wife and I watched the Season Premiere of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" last night and it was incredibly sad.  I was saddened by what sin does.  Sin doesn't just hurt us, it hurts those around us as well.  In fact, many times those we love the most are the ones that get caught in the blast radius of our poor decisions.  This is what I saw last night.  Let me say that what's happening with Jon and Kate's relationship is not unique to them.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time, even couples in ministry.  

I believe that couples need to make investments into their marriage and create safeguards to ensure the health of the marriages. Pastors teach about couples going on date nights, getting away without the kids, and not putting themselves in compromising situations.  But we have to do this stuff.  

Here's the benefit of creating safeguards and being public about it: I won't drive in a car alone with a woman who is not my wife, period. It's not because I'm tempted.  Instead, it's because I want to stay far away from even the appearance of evil.  So if I ever did drive anywhere with a member of the opposite sex, those closest to me would bring it my attention because that's so uncharacteristic of me.  

What's the point?  Have safeguards that keep you from hurting your family and make regular investments into your marriage that keep you close to your spouse.  

P.S. I have an entire chapter on creating safeguards in my new book, Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church.  You can order it here.