Loving our neighbor

Bob FranquizChurch

I wanted to send out some love to everyone at Calvary Fellowship for really stepping up to the plate when there was a big need in our community. A couple of weeks ago, a low income housing development a few miles from us caught fire and 10 apartments were completely torched! No one was injured, but these folks were left with nothing but the clothes on their back. The families were able to Our staff heard about it and started inquiring. Then we presented this opportunity to the church as a real and tangible way to love our neighbor. Fast forward 4 weeks later… everyone has an apartment FULL of furniture (Some people actually turned down some furniture because they had too much!), a closet full of clothes, etc…

It was amazing to see our church want to truly “love our neighbor as ourselves.” So let me say to all you who call CF home: You guys are the best! You really want to show the world that Jesus is alive and well. I’m proud to be your Pastor!