Lessons from a Preaching Nightmare

Bob FranquizChurch

It was December of 2000.

I was a younger preacher, 3 months into planting my church.

It was our first Christmas Eve service and I put in about 35 hours prepping a 30 minute holiday message.

So the day came and I preached my heart out. When the end of the message came, I gave an invitation for people to invite Jesus into their lives.


I clarified the Gospel more. Created more urgency and recast the net and invited people to raise their hands if they wanted to come to know Jesus.


There’s an old preacher saying: if you haven’t struck oil in 30 minutes, stop drilling.


Instead, I started my entire Gospel presentation over, repeated everything I had stated again and gave the invitation and painful third time…


I was demoralized. In fact, I didn’t give another Gospel invitation for almost 6 months after that fateful Christmas Eve debacle.

Here’s the point: that doesn’t have to be you.

Fast forward 11 years and people are getting saved at Calvary every week.

Most people ask, “What happened?”

That’s what I’m going to be sharing in this FREE 35-minute online event called, “Doubling your Easter Decisions”.

Easter is the #1 day of the year to see people make first time decisions.

That means, your Easter service and invitation are too important to just “wing it” and hope the message connects.

I’ll be teaching this practical, nuts and bolts session twice… This Tuesday and Wednesday (March 13th and 14th) at 3PM EST.

This webinar will give you 5 simple strategies for getting unchurched people into your services and see them make a decision for Christ!

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