Lesson #1 for a Black Belt in Church Marketing

Bob FranquizChurch

I took martial arts as a kid and the first lesson I received turned out to be the foundation for everything else I learned.

What was it?

Really simple…


You must have balance to throw a punch, block a kick or jump from danger.

You couldn’t do anything else until your learned balance.

As churches seeking to reach our communities, there’s a foundational truth that’s vital to reaching people and growing our churches.

Few know it.

That’s why most church marketing falls flat.

It’s also why people say marketing or promotion doesn’t work in their area.

Once you know this lesson, you have something to build on.

Without it, you’re lost and in the dark.

The foundation of all outreach is understanding who you’re trying to reach.

Once you know you’re trying to reach, you’re job gets 50% easier.

You know their…

– Likes
– Dislikes
– Language
– Profile
– Preferred means of communication

It all starts with understanding who you’re trying to reach.

That’s what Outreach Ninja is all about.

Helping you understand who you’re trying to reach and teaching you the most effective ways of reaching them (for a fraction of what churches normally pay).

In fact, if you register for Outreach Ninja before tomorrow (November 30th), you can test drive Outreach Ninja for December for only $49 (that’s 50% off the normal $97 investment).

Plus, we’re including our Outreach Ninja coaching session for November as well (That’s an extra $97 value!).

Think about it. If you register today, you receive…

– 30 days of Outreach Ninja for December (A $97 value)
– All of Outreach Ninja for November (A $97 value)
– A pile of bonus resources valued at $695.91

That’s almost $900 in training and resources for $49! Wow!

All yours when you register for Outreach Ninja today.

December’s Outreach Ninja Coaching is on Evangelistic Preaching and November’s coaching was on creating buzz in your community.

So if you’re interested, grab your nunchucks and head over to www.outreachninja.com/testdrive