Learning about Yourself

Bob FranquizChurch

We took our whole staff through a Myers-Briggs personality test this week and it was amazing!

I learned a lot about myself and the people I work with. We had a great time as we talked about our different personalities and how I drive the people I work with crazy!

But I also learned a lot about how to schedule my life. I wasn’t surprised to learn that I am naturally an introvert. I’ve always felt bad that I totally feel awkward in social settings where I’m not teaching and I’m around a bunch of strangers.

But learning that that these situations drain me has helped me in how I schedule meetings and that I can’t just line up appointments and meetings all day long (even though I did that today… and paid the price).

But I’m learning to pace myself and give myself breaks throughout the day where I can get alone and study or read or do some random admin to build my emotional batteries back up.

By the way, this has been totally helpful in understanding my staff and why they act the way they do and in how I can relate to them better. I believe we are going to be a stronger team because of it.

So here’s my letters for those that know what this stuff means: INTJ.