Learn to Think Like an unchurched Person

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Yhst-41514725740354_2050_3043295 As Pastors, we don't think like normal people. If there's anything that's a barrier to reaching people, it's not being in touch to what real people are thinking and going through. Do you know what an unchurched person is thinking when they show up at your church?  Are you aware of what they want to know when they visit your website?  Well, it's all in a special report that I wrote called, "How to Think Like an Unchurched Person".  It's a FREE report that's available on the www.church-strategies.com website.  You can find the report here.  This has been a highly requested and downloaded resource since we started www.church-strategies.com just over 6 weeks ago.  So click here to get your free copy!  

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P.P.S. If you haven't heard, we also have a brand new resource called, "How to Make every Sunday like Easter".  It's 14 strategies for making every Sunday have an Easter-like Impact.  You can check that out here.