Leadership Lessons from the NLCS

Bob FranquizUncategorized

After watching last night’s thrilling game 5 of the NLCS and watching Albert Pujols hit a monster shot that I don’t think has landed yet, I started to think about how Albert is getting most of the attention, but other people helped make him the hero. This is so true when we are leading our churches or ministries. There are other people who “set the table” for the leader to hit the ball out of the park. Not much is being said of David Eckstein’s 2-out base hit or Jim Edmonds walk. But it only becomes a 3-run homer if 2 other guys are on base.

My thought is this: As the senior communicator, people tend to give me most of the credit. When in reality, there are an amazing group of people that allow to me to step up to the plate with men on base. Whether that’s a staff that protects me from a lot of the day to day stuff so I can study and be ready on Sunday, a group of volunteers who get to church really early on Sunday morning so every thing is set up and I don’t have to worry about it, or a group of musicians who are spending every Thursday night making sure that the songs are just right for that weekend’s services. These are the heroes that don’t get a lot of standing ovations, so we need to give the credit away.

Writing thank you notes has become as much about me needing to appreciate the people in my life as it is about the person I am sending them to. When I take the time to write out what each person does faithfully week in and week out, it shows me that I’m just one small part of something great that God is doing here in Miami…