Leadership Summit Takeaways (Day 1)

Bob FranquizChurch

It was a great day at the Leadership Summit! I enjoyed connecting with a few friends and spending time with our staff talking about leadership. Here’s a few highlights straight from my moleskin journal…

Bill Hybels (Session 1)

There are 4 types of people in our churches: (1) those exploring the faith, (2) those beginning in the faith, (3) those growing in the faith and (4) those whose lives are Christ centered.

The biggest gap is between those who are growing the faith and those who are Christ centered. Why? Because those who are Christ centered “no longer count their lives dear unto themselves and those who are simply growing still want God to bless their program. I’ve always felt that but never had the words to articulate it until today.

Gary Haugen (Session 2)

“If you want to lead in things that matter, lead in the things that matter to God.”

“Many of us are on the journey with Jesus, but we’re missing the adventure.”

Bill George & Wendy Kopp (Session 3)

“Leadership is responsibility.”

“Leadership is not about power over people, it’s about empowering people.”

“Every leader who fails personally doesn’t fail in leading other people, they fail in leading themselves.”

“Sacrifice adds value to someone’s life.”

John Burke and Efrem Smith (Session 4)

“Our job is to cultivate an environment where people can grow.”

“What are the barriers to grace in your context?”

Are you willing to get your hands dirty?”