Know your Numbers

Bob FranquizChurch

Most leaders know some of the numbers – i.e. attendance, how many got saved on Sunday, the offering, etc… But what we can forget as leaders is the relationship that all of these numbers have to each other. 

Here's what I mean: 

How many first time guests did you have on Sunday? That number speaks to your outreach.

Let's say you had 10 second time guests this past Sunday. The number that come back speaks to your assimilation rate. 

How many of those guests actually stick in your church? That speaks to the strength of your discipleship systems, teaching, and membership process. 

My point is this: all of these numbers are connected. If your membership numbers are down, it might be because the number of 1st time guests may have been down last quarter. 

If your guest numbers are low, it means your outreach needs to be ramped up. 

If your new believer classes aren't filling up, you may need to hit evangelism a little harder.

As leaders, we tend to focus on the one number and sometimes we forget that all of the numbers are connected. So when you're looking at your numbers to figure out how an area is operating, make sure you look at the numbers that feed the area you're looking at. 

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