Kind Words (Part 1)

Bob FranquizBooks

If you haven't picked up a copy of Zero to Sixty, here's what one of the church's top leaders had to say about it:  

might not like this book; in fact, if you are searching for the latest and
greatest formula as to how to grow your ministry you will probably throw it
across the room.  This is not a book written on "how" to do
ministry–but rather "what" questions that ministry leaders should be
asking.  The things written about are easy to underline and
highlight…but will be challenging to apply.  However, I believe if a
church is willing to step on the gas and go from Zero to Sixty that
major Kingdom impact will take place.  Thanks Bob for writing a book that
both encouraged me in some things and kicked me in the teeth in others…I
loved it!" 

Perry Noble, Senior Pastor, NewSpring Church

Thanks for your kind words Perry

You can pick up a copy of Zero to Sixty here.