Kickstart Your Church’s Growth

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Two months ago we launched what I believe to be the most comprehensive, practical, an strategic coaching we’ve ever offered at Church Ninja.We completely transformed our coaching from topically based (Evangelism, Leadership, Preaching, etc…) to a format that helps churches grow based on addressing growth challenges depending on church size.

A church of 200 needs a different evangelism strategy than a church of 800.

A church of 400 needs has different staffing needs than a church of 40.

Churches looking to break 1,000 in attendance have leadership and stewardship challenges which a church of 100 hasn’t needed to address yet.

That’s why we’re introducing our 3 new coaching programs…

breaking 200             Coachingbreaking 500             Coachingbreaking             1000             Coaching

As a Pastor who is leading a church that has broken the 200 barrier, 500 barrier, and 1,000 barrier, I can tell you the specific challenges you’re going to face at the next level.

Plus, I can help you over come the barrier you’re facing right now.

Here’s the best part: over the course of this weekend, you can test drive the coaching program for the barrier you’re facing for only $1 for the next 14 days.

Click here to test drive Breaking 200 Coaching for $1.

Click here to test drive Breaking 500 Coaching for $1.

Click here to test drive Breaking 1,000 Coaching for $1.

These coaching programs are specifically designed to give you everything you need to break the growth barriers you’re facing.

We’re giving you…

  • The relevant training you need
  • The done-for-you resources you need
  • The strategic one-on-one Coaching you need

There is no other coaching like this available from someone who has actually broken these barriers personally.

I designed these programs with everything I wish someone would have taught me
when I was trying to break each of these barriers.

You’re really going to love these step-by-step coaching programs.

For $1, you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

P.S. Every pastor who signs up for one of the coaching programs and continues beyond the trial membership period gets a FREE ticket to our LIVE Breaking Growth Barriers Bootcamp in August in Orlando! (A $249 Value)

P.P.S. The $1 trial offer ends on Monday, so don’t delay.