Keep the Easter Momentum Going

Bob FranquizChurch

I have gotten reports from dozens of Outreach Ninja members about how their churches doubles and tripled on Easter.

(One Pastor in CA told me his church quadrupled on Easter!)

If you’re anything like me, you drove home from your Easter services and thought, “How can we keep this momentum going?”

Here’s 3 ways you can keep riding the Easter Wave:

#1 – Follow up – People don’t come back if you don’t follow up with them. This includes first time guests and those who made decisions to follow Jesus.

#2 – Invest – We got great results on Easter because we invested in our congregation, our community and the Easter experience. The more we invest in mobilizing our church, the fruit we will continue to see.

#3 – Keep Reaching out – If you want to keep reaching people, keep reaching out just like you did on Easter.

Here’s the point: don’t make Easter a one-time event. Have several Easters this year.

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P.S. Just to help with your follow up, you can download a free copy of new believer book, “Start Here: First Steps for the Journey” here. It’s my Easter gift to you!