John Mayer comes to Town

Bob FranquizUncategorized

1539665I just got home from the John Mayer/ Sheryl Crow concert. JM was out of control! Sheryl Crow was… actually, I have no idea. I left once John Mayer was done. The seats were amazing. We were about 20 rows back. One of the deacons in our church is in the JM fan club (This should tell you a bit about our church) and she hooked it up and was able to buy tickets a week before everyone else could.

I saw John Mayer a couple of years ago and he was amazing, but this time he’s shown how much he’s grown as an artist and as a guitar player. His band was outstanding! The set rocked! It was cool to see my buddies Chris and Jeff at the show. My only regret was that John didn’t play 3X5 (Which I had read he was playing on this tour). Oh well.

Here was John’s set list:

Why Georgia
“Wrapped Around your finger” jam
Bigger than my Body
I don’t trust myself with Loving You
Waiting on the world to Change
No Such Thing
Dreaming with a broken heart
In Repair