I’ve Officially joined the Band wagon

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Since Gary and Scott have let us know about what they’re thinking about, I decided to write down what I’m thinking about too and officially join the band wagon.  Why?  Mostly because I don’t want to feel left out…

1.  I need to go to the mall to buy a pair of brown pants
2.  I’m a jerk because my friend Bill’s birthday was yesterday and I didn’t call him
3.  Will I ever be able to eat sugar cereal again?
4.  I really want to get a hot chocolate at Starbuck’s
5.  Why are there no good movies out?
6.  When is the "Lost" season premiere? 
7.  I’ve been suffering from Blogger’s block – when will it end?
8.  I can’t wait to get my Treo 650 and kiss Nextel goodbye
9.  I wish I could be home watching the Red Sox game, but I’m still at the office
10. I’m gearing up for a series on evangelism – I wonder who’s stuff I can "borrow"  (It’s not stealing if I promise to return it to them)
11. What was up with Mrs. Benny Hinn on Kaleo Bill’s recent post?
12. I’m speaking at another church this weekend – What am I going to teach? 
13. Thinking about creating more "entry points" for newcomers to the church
14. I ran out of pretzels – I really love pretzels
15. Why do people drink water other than Fiji (Or as I refer to it – "Nature’s tears")?
16. The book that I’m reading right now is amazing (Culture Shift)
17. Why has the lava lamp in my office never really worked? 
18. I have a pimple on the top of my head that’s driving me crazy
19. The new Jason Mraz song is amazing
20. There are too many decisions to make about this new building we’re building
21.  July + Miami = Too hot! 
22. Why do Scott and Gary always have the best blogging ideas?