It Seems Like a Lifetime Ago…

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was a musician. In fact, when I became a Christian I thought I would someday be a worship leader (who knew preaching would be my thing 🙂

Anyway, a website recently put out a list of the 10 best Christian metal bands and my former band Strongarm was #5. I'm honored my that. Being in Strongarm was a great time in my life. Had it not been for God's call on my life to prepare myself for Pastoral ministry, I would have continued playing music.  

The link to the article is here

If you want to see our video for the song "Trials" off our 1st album, it's here. (The guy rockin' the black Les Paul is me 🙂

If you want the history of the bands, the wikipedia article for Strongarm is here

Also, before becoming a Christian, I was in a band called Amboog-a-lard that was wildly popular in South Florida in the late early 90's. Amboog-a-lard has become a footnote in the biography of our most famous band member, Jeordie White. Jeordie left our band and joined a band you may have heard of called Marilyn Manson. 

The Wikipedia article about Amboog-a-lard is here

Free Amboog-a-lard mp3's are available via Jeordie's website. (please note, I DO NOT recommend everything on this site. But if you want free mp3's of Amboog-a-lard, this is the place)

If you want to see a video of Amboog-a-lard, you can check it out here. (the guy with the mowhawk is me 🙂 The quality isn' that great, so consider yourself warned. 

OK, that's it. Time to start living in 2010 again 🙂