Is your Church Ready for 5.19.06?

Bob FranquizChurch

Well if you aren’t aware, 5.19.06 is the release date for Ron Howard’s new film, The Da Vinci Code, based on the book by best-selling author, Dan Brown.  You can watch the trailer here.  I read the book (Actually, I listened to it on my ipod, but close enough) and I thought the story was great.  Theologically, the book is whack!  I heard people talking about it as if it were a religious book and I felt compelled to read it (Or listen).  I was talking with my dentist (Which is no small feat when they are jamming their utensils into your gums) and she told me that since I was a Christian I would really like The Da Vinci Code because the book is about God.  I had already caught wind of the basic premise of the book, but while the story is very compelling and entertaining, the information peddled as fact in the intrduction is just not accurate.  Brown leans heavily on a book called, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", which gives many of the "Facts" Brown used to develop his story.  There are many good books that have come out that refute the skewed history Brown writes about it in the book.  I read The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction by Hank Hanegraff and found it very helpful.

The important thing is that this book can be an open door for Christians to strike up spiritual conversations like I had the opportunity to with my dentist and it can give the church an excellent opportunity to reach out to those that  don’t know Jesus.  We have 323 days to get ready for this moment.  Let’s not let it slip away…