Interview: The Measure of Our Success

Bob FranquizBooks

This is an interview that I did with my friend Shawn Lovejoy on the release of his new book, “The Measure of our Success”. This is a great book that pastors need to get their hands on.

Bob: Shawn, you’ve been a blogger for a long time…why a book? Why now?

Shawn: Well, believe it or not, I don’t love to write. I just feel passionate about some things and that drives my laptop keyboard at times. I must say, though, that I just felt compelled by God to write this book. That’s the only thing that would move me to crank out 200 pages!

Bob: Why were you so compelled to write this work?

Shawn: I love pastors. I love pastoring. But I think I love pastoring pastors more than anything else. Church Planting, specifically, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I have felt compelled to be a lid lifter for pastors who are getting the you-know-what kicked out of them like I’ve experienced. Ministry is so hard. So many pastors need permission to be who God has called them to be; and they need to know they aren’t the only ones that have the struggles they do.

Bob: YOU mention in the book that “there’s a dark side of the force in ministry these days.” Can you elaborate?

Shawn: Absolutely. Recent studies show that eight out of ten pastors are disillusioned, discouraged, and discontent with how their ministries are turning out. Last time I checked, those are not fruits of the Spirit. Satan is sifting pastors, and they’re hurting. I hate it.

Bob: Why is it this way?

Shawn: I’ve wrestled a lot with this. Through I’ve also been able to talk with hundreds of ministry leaders about this. Here’s my conclusion: Our root problem is that too many of us as pastors have exchanged God’s definition of success for our own. We have placed yokes on ourselves that Jesus did not place on us. I’ve personally wrestled with this; and I’ve watched thousands do the same; and it’s literally killing many of us! Thus, this “impassioned plea to pastors” is for all of us to radically alter our measures of success.

Bob: What are the types of things you talk about in the book?

Shawn: Sure. Much of the book comes out of my own experience and story of being sifted! “Hi, my name is Shawn, and I’m a workaholic.” Other parts are things I’ve learned from others as a pastor’s coach and consultant. In both cases, what I love most about the book is its practical nature. There is enough in here to radically alter a pastor’s life, ministry, and family.

Bob: What’s your number one hope for the book?

Shawn: I am so proud of the way the book turned out I believe God spoke to me on this one all along the way. I really do believe God will use this work to save lives, families, and ministries. That’s why I want t get it in the hands of every pastor in America. That really is my hope.

Bob: Thanks for sharing with us today!

Shawn: Thank you!

You can pick up Shawn’s book “The Measure of our Success” on by clicking here