Inside the Mind of a Visitor…

Bob FranquizChurch

I’ve heard people say this. I’ve said it. But today I want to ask the question, “Is this true?

Do people really decide whether or not they are going to attend your church within the first 5,7, or 10 minutes?

Are we building this theory based on comments that people say like, “I knew from the moment I walked in that this place was home!” Or, “I knew I was never coming back based on the fact that the place looked like a disaster!”

I don’t know. I think this theory should be tested by having the worst band in the world leading worship, the worst preacher ever speaking, and the best looking facility with the nicest, friendliest, people on planet earth. Then we’ll see if the first 10 minute theory is true.

Here’s what I believe: I believe that as Andy Stanley says, “The sermon begins in the parking lot.” You start creating an environment from the moment people drive onto the property.

I believe that having friendly greeters and parking attendants helps break down walls that people have in their minds and hearts.

But let’s be honest: If the music is bad and the Pastor can’t deliver the goods when he speaks, then the church may as well called “Titanic Community Church.”

Am I crazy for thinking this way?