Increasing your Volunteer Base

Bob FranquizChurch

This week I want to talk about some ideas to increase your volunteer base. If you're like every other church in America, you could always use more volunteers. I want to share some strategies for radically increasing your volunteer base.  

#1 – Make it easy for people for people to serve – Every thinks they make it easy, but few do. At Calvary, if you want to start serving you simply check off the back of your connection card. That's it. 

Then we call you and get you plugged in. Yes, there's an application to fill out, but it's short (I've seen applications that are 17+ pages long). 

Here's the big idea: make the distance from a person's decision to start serving to the moment they are serving as short as possible.

For a resource that has 25 simple and effective strategies for increasing your volunteer base, check out our resource, "Serving Strategies: Radically Increase the Volunteers in Your Church" by clicking here. 

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