Increasing your Volunteer Base (Part 3)

Bob FranquizChurch

#3 – Start Asking People to Serve Early 

One of the mistakes we make as church leaders is not allowing new people to serve. In fact, I used to think that people should wait 6 months before they started serving. What's a mistake that was! 

Today we ask people to serve early. we talk about serving in our New Believers class. We encourage people who have attended 2-3 times to get involved. Why? Because people who commit to serve stick in a church. The chances of them falling through the cracks goes down considerably. 

The big idea: don't wait to ask people to serve. Instead, once they decide to call your church home, get them plugged in. This way they won't fall through the cracks. 

For a resource that has 25 simple and effective strategies for increasing your volunteer base, check out our resource, "Serving Strategies: Radically Increase the Volunteers in Your Church" by clicking here. 

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