In Case you missed It…

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Here are favorite posts of the week…

– My man Rod Pearcy is back in the blog game. “Welcome back…your dreams were your ticket out…”

Chris’ post was great about actually being a Pastor to those in your church. Who thought that this would become such a novel concept?

– Move over Weird Al, because Perry’s posts (here and here) about being fat were great. I struggled with my weight for years until I decided I wanted to be able to serve God for a lifetime. I echo Perry’s thoughts.

Thin guys like Ben can tell us about this post. It’s what a friend of his saw at a McDonald’s this week. I wish I was a pickle on the wall for that event.

Jays post about “Car salesmen Christians” was awesome! Especially since I got to see some in action this week and watched their “prospect” get totally turned off. When will we get it?

Steven wrote about the benefits of seeing a counselor. It’s one of the best decisions I made. It helped me through a very season of life/ministry. Pastors have very few people they can talk to. So swallow your pride and go talk to someone.