I’m on a Creativity Rant!

Bob FranquizTeaching

I’m ranting, so you’ve been warned!  But the recent post from Church Marketing Sucks still has me thinking.  The comments went wild that churches shouldn’t do it, but so many churches are.  Why are we so quick to copy?  I watch church leaders copy other churches’ mission statement, values, ministry names, and teaching series.  Is there a problem here?  I think so.  Especially when so many churches are claiming creativity is one of their values.  OK.  What are you creating?  Orders to different ministries to know waht the next series is?  Come on.  Should we glean?  Of course.  But that doesn’t mean rip off!  God wants to use you!  Your unique gifts, insights, and perspective to reach your community.  I talk to Pastors that actually transcribe other Pastors’ messages and then teach them.  Listen: that’s not teaching. That’s called  relaying someone else’s message.  I mean, what would happen if internet connection went down and we just had (Gulp) "God"? 

I’m not saying we shouldn’t listen to other communicators.  I’m just saying that our intention in listening should not be to copy what they say hook, line, and sinker. 

I have a friend who is just starting his church.  He’s working full-time outside the church, has a family, and is still putting together a message every week that isn’t a photocopy  of someone else’s time with God! 

Can I challenge you to try something?  Put away all the other materials for your next series of messages and seek God for truly inspired creativity and direction.  I believe it will be the most original and compelling stuff you come up with.  These will be the messages that everyone in your church remembers because they came from your heart and reflect what God is doing in you. 

So what do you think?  I look forward to hearing from you…