I’m Free!

Bob FranquizTeaching

Tonight went great. People were totally into the message. While I didn’t like the delivery as much, I felt the message content was better than when I taught it the 1st time to the folks at our church. I love talking about how God created us uniquely. The message was called, “Cookie Cutter” and I was pumped to see people understand that becoming a Christian isn’t about being conformed into some cookie cutter, boring image of people who don’t have any fun and walk around looking like they’ve been baptized in lemon juice. But instead it’s about being set free and transformed.

It’s nights like this that I am so grateful that I have the privilege to stand in front of people as often as I get to and tell them that God wants them to be free. Free to love Him; Free to express themselves; free to walk with God in their own rhythm; just plain old free!

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Gal. 5:1)

We are free, just so we can be free! It’s an awesome thought! (I feel a Stryper song coming on!)