If you’re looking to grow as a leader…

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Then I want to invite you to apply to my new tele-coaching network for Senior Pastors that's starting on February 25th.  

Here's what we're going to cover in this 6 month network: 

– Staffing (hiring, leading, managing and firing)

– Raising up leaders from within your church

– Increasing the volunteers in your church

– Church governance (board of directors, bylaws, etc…)

– Developing follow up systems for 3 critical ministry areas (New believers, first time guests, stewardship)

– The personal Development of the Senior Pastor

– Goal setting

– Outreach strategies that get great results

Here's what a couple of current participants in the network had to say: 

"Bob's coaching network has saved me
the trouble of having to make the mistakes that he has already made as well as
learning his insights into the nuts and bolts of how to "do" church.
Every session left me both encouraged and inspired to go further, deeper and
faster. Well worth the investment…my church has grown by %20 in the last 6
months thanks to some of Bob's ideas and inspiration. – Pastor in VA

"Joining Bob’s coaching network
last year was the best decision I have made as a church planting pastor.
 The practical insight I have gained as well as seeing how to get past
some of the pitfalls my church had experienced was well worth it! I love the
way Pastor Bob shares from his own experiences and what he is continually
learning as a student of church life and leadership.” – Pastor in CA 

If you're interested in applying for my new coaching network, you can pick up an application here