If you’re in Southern California…

Bob FranquizGeneral

I'm going to be leading 2 seminars in Southern California on March 5th (which is about 2 weeks away).  

#1 – I'll be leading my all-new Zero to Sixty seminar – this seminar is based on my soon to be released book and discusses all the skills for leadership that we weren't taught in school.  The seminar deals covers communicating vision, hiring and firing, personal development, strategies for leading at a higher level, recruiting volunteers, and tons more.  
#2 – I'll be leading a Fusion (Assimilation) seminar in the afternoon.  This is only assimilation seminar being offered on the west coast before Easter, so don't miss it.  

There's a deal (click here) if you register for both (which I highly recommend).  If you bring your staff, it will be a great day of training for your whole team!