If I Could Plant My Church All Over Again

Bob FranquizGeneral


Hey Pastor,

When I came to Miami to plant Calvary, I didn’t know anyone here. 

I had my Bible in one hand and my acoustic guitar. 

It was like the makings of a Bon Jovi song. Haha!

But over the last 13 years we’ve been blessed and we’ve reached thousands with the Gospel. 

Not only that, we’ve planted churches in some of the nation’s hardest areas and seen amazing results. 

Because of this, church planters ask me regularly about how to launch large and start reaching their community from day 1. 

That’s the reason we’ve created Church Planting Ninja. 

This coaching program gives you all of the tools and training you need to launch your church well. 

What do we cover in Church Planting Ninja?

  • The art of fully funding your church plant
  • How to promote your church’s launch
  • How to build a dream team
  • How to establish governance (bylaws, boards, and all the legal stuff)
  • How to mobilize your church beyond the grand opening
  • How to get people out of the seats and involved in service
  • How to launch large and keep building momentum

We have been working for months to create the best church planter training available.

Here’s the best part: most church planter training is a 3-5 boot camp where only the lead planter participates.

Church Planting Ninja is different because your whole team can be trained and participate in every session.

Plus, our fully customized done-for-you resources are going to take all the mystery out of planting your church and what works.

Click here to get started.

Check out this video!

So what’s this going to cost?

I have both done coaching programs for upwards of $250 per session.

We decided to take finances out of the equation and help you give your church the best chance of succeeding.

That’s why you can test drive Church a Planting Ninja for $1 for the next 14 days.

After that, it’s only $99 a month.

There is no other comprehensive training for church planters that’s this inexpensive and delivers this much training and done-for-you resources.

Here’s the best part: every member of Church Planting Ninja receives a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session where we will work on your church and answer your questions.  

Click here to get started.

I planted Calvary 13 years ago and this is the training I wish I had received before planting my church.

It’s ready, if you are…



P.S. The one-on-one coaching offer is only for the 1st 50 pastors who sign up for Church Planting Ninja. So the time to act is now!