If George Costanza were a Pastor, he would…

Bob FranquizChurch

Remember the classic Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the opposite of his natural instincts and everything works out well for him?

That’s how church leaders should be sometimes.

They should do the opposite of what the average church is going.

The average church is…
– Not growing
– Now seeing people saved
– Not baptizing new believers

In short, the average church is, stuck!

Here’s the leadership lesson: if your church is stuck, you have to do different things than what got you stuck in the first place.

My church was stuck for over a year early in our history.

But we learned why we were stuck. Then we took action and that next year our church doubled.

Not only did I discover why we were stuck, I learned the 7 factors that get churches unstuck.

This worked in our church, and I’ve taught this strategy to hundreds of churches that I’ve coached and they have seen amazing results as well.

I recorded all of these learnings in a new resource called, “Getting Unstuck: Secrets to Avoiding Growth Barriers and Becoming an Unstoppable Church”.

It’s a 5-CD (or downloadable) resource that contains over 3 and a 1/2 hours of practical, nuts and bolts teaching on the skills and strategies it takes to get unstuck and start growing again.

In fact, if you pick up Getting Unstuck this week, I will send you my best selling, “Pillars of a Healthy Church” resource for FREE (A $129.95 value!)

Getting stuck is part of every church’s story… don’t let it become the overarching part of your story.

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