Idol Chatter

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Let’s do this:

Overall, I think the Idols didn’t do all that well. But I think singing Freddy Mercury isn’t a reasonable singer to be asked to sing. This guy was one of the greatest. The producers need to stick with the genre/ era selections.

Bucky – Was anyone surprised? It was time for him to go a few weeks before. Plus, I knew he was going because they made him sing last.

Kellie – First off, she looked like a member of Judas Priest. I thought she was going to break into a rendition of “Hell bent for leather!” She massacred Bohemian Rhapsody! It was brutal. Wayne and Garth would not the happy…

Paris – Besides the fact that her outfit made her look like a dominatrix, she sang OK. She’ll be gone in 2 weeks, once we get rid of…

Ace – This dude was horrible. I’m still laughing at what Simon said: “It sounded like ‘We will rock you’ gently!” That’s just funny! (By the way, does Simon look like he’s completely over it or what?)

Elliott – I think he did well. His vocal style doesn’t gel with Queen as much as we’d hope, but it’s over. I think he’ll do well singing Rod Stewart. (Does anyone actually like Rod Stewart? All I can think of when I think of him is being on tour with my band in 1995 and having a night off. So we went to this club for dinner and a Rod Stewart cover band was playing. This guy was shaking his butt all over the place in his red spandex singing, “If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy…” Check please!)

Chris – I really like Chris, but he needed to play a song someone had actually heard of. He sang it well, but the song was bad. He should have done, “Stone Cold Crazy!”

Taylor – I think he did really well. Simon’s comment about him being drunk was hilarious! How can you not like, “Crazy little thing called love?”

Katharine – My wife thinks I’ve gotten a serious case of McPheever! I avoid the question. She was great! “Who wants to live forever?” is an amazing song from one of the greatest movies of all time! If you haven’t seen it, go buy Highlander right now! Besides “The Matrix”, it is the best non-Lucas or Spielberg movie ever made.

Ace goes home next. Then Paris. Then Kellie. From there, it’s anyone’s game.