I appreciate it…

Bob FranquizChurch

Every year we have an appreciation dinner for everyone that serves in the church in some capacity.  This year we decided to do something different.  We wanted to appreciate them with the whole church there.  So we did our appreciation at our annual church picnic.  So we rolled out a red carpet and cheered for all
of our volunteers.  We had 115 people that we were recognizing for
their faithful service.  That was awesome!  We gave everyone a
certificate of appreciation and a Starbuck’s style coffee mug with our
church logo on it (The kind they sell for like $25).  I’m still trying to figure out how I didn’t get one.  This was so great.  Our team was so appreciative of all we did, and it was a gret opportunity for those that aren’t involved to see the joy of serving and get in the game. 

So here’s my question, "How are you appreciating and celebrating your volunteers?"