How to get your blog posts read

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I was going through my Bloglines and I came to a revelation about posts that I read.

Here are 5 thoughts:

#1 – Keep it short – The first thing I check when I start reading a post is, “How long is this thing?” If it’s too long, I know the boredom factor is going to set in, so I just don’t read it.

#2 – Break it up – Solid text looks like too much effort to read on a screen. Write a couple of sentences and then skip a line and let your idea “Breath.”

#3 – Do the bold thing that Mark does – This is a really good idea. It allows to read his posts quicker. And interestingly enough, I always read his posts.

#4 – Don’t go hyperlink crazy – When every other line is a link to something else, I lose interest. We all know Xerox has a website, linking the word to their site isn’t helping.

#5 – To share a thought, tell a story – I think the most powerful truths I read, are lessons learned from stories. I find this way a person doesn’t come off like they’re pontificating, but instead, they are sharing what they’ve learned on the journey.