How the 50 Most Influential Churches have Influenced Me

Bob FranquizChurch

In light of the Church Report’s list of the Top 50 most influential churches, I decided to share a couple of ways some of these churches have influenced me:

#1 – Willowcreek – They taught me that leadership and vision are critical to the success of any church.

#2 – Saddleback – They taught me to keep the unchurched in mind in everything we do.

#3 – Northpoint Community Church – I’ve learned so much from Northpoint, but their greatest influence on me has been how to preach with only one point (This has been the greatest blessing to me and increased my effectiveness in communication ten-fold).

#4 – Fellowship Church – Ed taught me that creativity is not an option and to keep focused on Sunday.

#6 – Southeast Christian Church – Bob Russell modeled for me how to finish well.

#7 – – They are great at so many things, but their open source site, even though we haven’t used anything they’ve done, influenced me to be more kingdom-minded.

#9 – Brooklyn TabernacleFresh Wind, Fresh Fire changed my life. They taught me to pray like I believed God was listening.

#12 – Mosaic – This should be a post in and of itself, but Erwin taught me to speak with passion and dream big. Erwin’s books have been life changing. I have read all of them at least twice. Erwin is one of my heroes.

#17 – Mars Hill Bible Church – Rob taught me that it was OK to love history, Jewish culture, and geography. He modeled a style of teaching that you can give people information without being boring and take them on a journey at the same time.

#18 – Capo Beach Calvary – Chuck Jr.’s books have helped me so much to understand postmodern culture. His book, “The End of the World as we know it” is an absolute must. I respect his courage to be a thinker and not simply a repeater.

#22 – Mars Hill Bible Church (Seattle) – Mark Driscoll taught me that being missional isn’t optional.

#23 – New Hope Christian Fellowship – I learned from them that teamwork is a must! Wayne’s book “Doing Church as a Team” has influenced so much of how I operate as a leader.

#31 – Grace Community Church – I’ve read over 20 of John’s books, including almost all of his commentaries. His passion for the Bible, whether you agree with him or not, should be applauded. He influenced my passion for Scripture.

#33 – Harvest Christian Fellowship – Greg Laurie showed me that you could be relevant and not compromise the truths of Scripture.

#37 – College Church – Kent’s commentaries were required reading when I was in Bible College. I still love his commentaries to this day. I love his commitment to teaching the Bible.

#40 – Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale – This church’s influence on me could easily be a book! I walked into this church having been a Christian for 2 weeks. 7 years later they ordained me as a Pastor. I would not be in ministry today if it weren’t for Bob Coy. He is the best man I have ever known. He has modeled everything I hope to be as a man and as a Pastor.

#44 – Oak Cliff Bible Church – Dr. Evans is the only person I turn my ipod off to listen to on the radio. His voice commands my attention and his messages demand my obedience. He influenced my conviction when I speak. Every time I have heard him, his conviction to what he’s saying becomes the message. He becomes the embodiment of the truth is seeking to express. I’ve learned through him that it’s hard to separate the messenger and the message.