How to Preach While You’re Sleeping

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Hey Pastor,

I recently received an email from a young man in Arizona who came to know Jesus at a local church.

This church happens to be one of our Evangelism Ninja members and they use my book, Begin: First Steps for the Journey of Faith as a gift for new converts.

He emailed me and told me how much my book blessed him in his new walk with God.

Here’s the part that blew me away: He emailed me at what was 3AM in my time zone.

That means my book was teaching and discipling someone while I was sleeping.

This is the power of a book.

Too many pastors believe they have a book “in them”, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come out… and it hurts the rest of us who could be blessed by it.

If you have a message that you believe should be a book, you need to write it.

And I want to help you get your book written.

I believe you can have your book written in 90 days or less.

It’s not that hard. It just takes a step-by-step strategy to get you from start to finish.

Every writer needs 5 things…

  1. You need a goal to motivate you
  2. You need a plan to execute
  3. You need a strategy for your content
  4. You need a reason bigger than the idea of writing
  5. You need the tools to help you get the job done

This 35-minute online training is going to give you the tools to get started in writing your book.

So sign up for this practical, nuts and bolts training and let’s make your dream a reality.

Sign up for the online training here.

This is your year to fulfill a dream and write that book!



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship