How to Make Every Sunday like Easter

Bob FranquizChurch

I told you yesterday about our Outreach Ninja members doubling and tripling on Easter.


In fact, here’s what a few Pastors had to say in their own words…


“We launched in Jan. 2012, so this was our first Easter. We launched with 82 people and settled into the mid 60’s up until Easter. God showed up in ways we never could have imagined and 375 people showed up on Easter!” – Pastor Justin (Wichita, KS)


“We had a great Easter. We typically run 50 people in our new church of 3 years old. We had about 350 at Easter.” – Pastor Scott (Vallejo, CA)


“Our church typically runs a little over 400 on any given Sunday. Last year for Easter we ran 630 in attendance. Our goal was 800 for this year. We added a Saturday night service and implemented the egg hunts after each service and marketed like we never had before. We had 1236 in attendance with 60 people responding to the salvation message!” – Pastor Mike (Port Saint Lucie, FL)


Here’s the point: all of these churches implemented the strategies we talk about in Outreach Ninja and they were blessed with great results!

I want the same for you.

That’s why I’m making a crazy offer this week for anyone who test drives Outreach Ninja…

Join Outreach Ninja this week, not only will you receive April’s coaching session on follow up that grows your church, but I’m also throwing in our best selling resource, “How to Make Every Sunday like Easter” (A $99.95 value) as a bonus. 

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