How to Godzilla-Size your Church’s Budget

Bob FranquizChurch

The economy is getting blamed for everything these days. 

I talk to church leaders and they’re terrified of the economy. 

They remind me of the people in Tokyo when Godzilla would show up. Everyone would run frantically when the fire breathing monster would show up and start knocking over buildings. 

I don’t know if you remember the original Godzilla movie (Not the abomination that starred “Ferris Bueller”), but the only way the people defeated Godzilla was by taking him on head on. 

There’s a leadership principle here. 

Blaming the economy. Running from the economy. Or putting God directed plans on hold because of the economy isn’t the answer. 

The answer is taking on the source of the problem head on. 

Fear is the real “boogy man” behind all of this. 

That’s why we need to exercise wisdom and help people see the joy of giving. We need to help people trust God in the midst of trying times. 

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