How to get mucho Evangelistic results… even if you aren’t an evangelist

Bob FranquizChurch

Let me just come out and say it: I’m not an evangelist.

We see lots of people come to Jesus every week at Calvary, but my spiritual gift isn’t evangelism.

I wish it were.

But it isn’t.

In fact, I’m much more comfortable talking about the nuances of Greek and Hebrew than anything else.

But even though I’m not an evangelist in my gifting, I’m called to do the work of an evangelist.

By the way, so you are.

So how can those of us who aren’t evangelists see people come to Christ every week in our services?

The answer isn’t very hard. Implementing is what takes practice.

It’s evangelistic preaching.

I’m not talking about Billy Graham style evangelism where your worship leader has to learn to play “Just as I am”.

Instead, evangelistic preaching can be learned just like Bible preaching can be learned.

There are 6 factors to evangelistic preaching that increases decisions in your church and at the same time, creates an evangelistic culture in your church.

That’s what this month of Outreach Ninja is all about. We’re going to cover evangelistic preaching from A-Z.

My goal is to help you preach the best Christmas message you’ve ever preached and see more decisions than you ever have in your church.

That’s why you can test drive 100% of Outreach Ninja for 50% of the monthly investment for the first month.

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