How to Get More Treats and Less “Tricks” in Your Offerings

Bob FranquizChurch

When I was a kid and would go “trick or treating”, I had this strategy for getting more candy than any of my friends.

It’s so simple I’m almost embarrassed to say it.

But I’ve learned that this same strategy has helped Calvary (the church I Pastor) increase its’ budget every year and disciple believers at the same time.

Here it is: On Halloween, I went out earlier than all my friends.

That’s it.

My friends would wait until it was totally dark and them go out all together.

Instead, my younger sister and I would go out early and we’d get all the best candy because we were one of the first kids to knock on our neighbors’ doors.

So how does this apply to giving? 

We teach stewardship when people first come to know Jesus because we believe that you can’t become a fully committed disciple without being a steward of your resources.

It’s so simple, yet so powerful: teach your new believers to give from infancy in Christ and you won’t have to fight older Christians who have grown accustomed to disobeying God.

In our Tithe Challenge resource, we teach you out how to conduct a Tithe Challenge from A-Z and we give you document and form you’ll need to follow up with those who take the challenge.

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