How to be your Community’s Worst Kept Secret

Bob FranquizChurch

A guy walked up to me a few years ago and said, “Pastor Bob, I love Calvary!”

He had just started attending with this family and plugged in to the church immediately.  Then he said something that was meant to be a compliment. It wasn’t.

He said, “Calvary is the best kept secret in Miami!”

It was bothered by this statement. Not because this recent attender said it.  Instead, I was annoyed because it was true.

We were a secret in our city. Not a lot of people knew about us.

I vowed that day to change that reality. Instead, I wanted to become the worst kept secret in Miami.

Since that day 5 years ago, our attendance has more than tripled, the number of unchurched we’re reaching has exploded and our first time decisions have gone through the roof.

Why? It started with a decision. A decision to get our church in front of people; to get people in the door so they could hear the Gospel; to get strategic about outreach so it didn’t break the bank.

Here’s the deal: becoming your communities’ worst kept secret doesn’t take millions of dollars. In fact, it doesn’t even take tens of thousands of dollars. What it takes is specific knowledge and strategic investment in certain areas.

That’s what Outreach Ninja is all about. It’s about giving you the tools to reach your community for much less than you though imaginable.

In fact, check out what one of our alumni had to say…

“Bob Franquiz has a passion for reaching people for Jesus, and that includes getting people to church where they can hear about Him.  He will help you think thru and develop a strategy for reaching out and bringing in the unchurched families in your region thru a variety of cutting edge and tested tools such as direct mail, Facebook, Google and more.  If you join, you get the latest developments in outreach & promotional tools.  You learn so much from his mistakes and successes in promotion. – Bern Lytle (Big Flats Wesleyan, New York)

You can learn how to make your church the WORST kept secret in for community by joining Outreach Ninja, a coaching community built for Pastors who want to reach more people strategically without breaking the bank. It’s possible. I know because not only are we doing it in Miami, but we’re seeing churches all over America (and beyond) experience the same thing.

You can test drive 100% of Outreach Ninja for 50% of the investment for the 1st month. Here’s the link to join.  You can also read about all the bonuses and content here as well.  

P.S. We are covering all things Facebook in Outreach Ninja for September and October. If you want to reach lots of people through this media, now is the time to join.