How to Be the Brad Pitt of Church Leadership

Bob FranquizLeadership

One of my favorite books is “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis.

It’s about how the Oakland A’s consistently make it into the post-season, yet they spend a fraction of the cost that a team like the Yankees spend.

They recently made a movie about it starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the General Manager of the A’s, who is the mastermind behind the team’s success.

So what’s the secret to the team’s success and what does it have to do with church leadership?

The A’s found that investing in their farm system allowed them to be competitive and it kept their payroll expenses low.

Churches need to learn this lesson.

Too many churches are spending far too much hiring staff from other churches, only to find, they aren’t a fit with their culture.

When you raise someone up through the ranks, they are already a fit AND you’ve already trained them to your style of ministry.

On May 16th (just 2 weeks from now), I’m launching Leadership Ninja, a 6-month coaching experience that’s specifically designed to show you how to build a leadership system from the ground up.

Here’s what a recent Leadership Ninja alumni said… “I have been involved in several coaching networks, and Leadership Ninja is by far the best! Through this network I was able to address a systemic problem that we kept bumping our heads with because I was simply ill equipped to address without the information that I received in Leadership Ninja! Bob, without your help I would just be floundering around. Thanks Friend.” – Kenneth Sesley – Senior Pastor, Carson, CA

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join Leadership Ninja…

– A monthly 75 minute coaching session taught by me via webinar
– Over $500 in bonuses resources given to you throughout the network
– Every document and form we use to implement a leadership development process
– FREE access to every Outreach Ninja webinar, tele-seminar or live event while you’re in the network
– A video and mp3 archive of each coaching session in case you miss it live

What’s the monthly investment? Only $179.95!

This network is not for wimps or lazy Pastors. So if you’re a flake, please don’t join.

If you’re interested, grab your glove and head over to

P.S. People have asked, “What are the bonuses that we get when we join?” Here are all the resources you receive throughout this network:

– The Leadership Pipeline (A $399.95 value)
– Pillars of a Healthy Church (A $129.95 value)
– The Productive Leader (A $49.95 value)
– Every form and document you need to build this system (a $99.95 value)
– Calvary Fellowship Employee Manual (A $19.95 value)
– My latest book, “A Thousand Dirty Buckets” (A $6.99 value)
– Serving Strategies (a $29.95 value)

That’s over $700 in bonus resources! You’re not going to find this kind of content anywhere else!