How to Be an Outreach Superstar

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Next week (January 30th at 1PM EST) is our annual Easter Ninja event!

This is going to be 2 hours of practical, nuts and bolts content designed to
help your church double this Easter.

If you didn’t attend Easter Ninja last year, here’s what some of last year’s
attendees had to say…

"#EasterNinja was easily 1 of the BEST webinars or online conferences that
I have ever attended.GREAT STUFF!"

"#Easterninja was a great webinar. I’m pumped (even more) for Easter."

"Thanks @bobfranquiz for #easterninja best two hours I’ve spent in front
of a pc."

"From the bottom of my heart @bobfranquiz thanks so much 4 this investment
in us pastors.May God keep pouring out His favor on U"

"Chewing on some good stuff! Great teachings #EasterNinja"

That’s just 5 Twitter comments (there were hundreds.
In fact, the #easterninja hashtag was trending worldwide while the conference was happening).

All of this to say, you have a great opportunity to get serious training for

Easter is only 2 months away!

Register over at



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

P.S. Plus, when you register for Easter Ninja, you get a FREE copy of my latest ebook, “4 Keys to Effective Easter Outreach"!