How Less is Actually More with Facebook Ads

Bob FranquizChurch

I worked with a church a while back that was spending tons of ‘moola’ on Facebook.

… and getting poor results.


They asked if I could consult with them and work some magic to make their ads more effective.

After assessing their situation, I told them that for churches, less is more on Facebook

Say what?

I told them that people search for a church closer to the weekend, so don’t start spending money until the weekend is near.

They did that and their ads started working better AND they were spending less in the process.

Then I went through my checklist of 14 strategies for making Facebook ads effective and that’s when their ads started taking off.

I recorded all 14 of my Facebook ad strategies in a resource called, “Digital Evangelism”.

This resource gives you the tools needed to create effective ads AND get super inexpensive pay per click rates.

With Digital Evangelism, not only will you receive…

…Close to 2 hours of training audios that will get you fully trained on how to master Facebook ads

…Plus a pile of bonus resources that contain ready to use ads

But this week we’re including 2 amazing bonuses:

…10 ready-to-use Christmas ads that you can literally “plug and play” in your church ads (A $29.95 Value)

…Our Facebook Ad generator – this is an internal document that we have only given to our Outreach Ninja members that helps you create multiple ads quickly! (A $19.95 Value)

These tools will take 100% of the mystery out of Facebook advertising and will get more people to your church this Christmas!

This offer is good for this week only.

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