How Leaders Grow Part 1

Bob FranquizChurch

There’s tons written on discipleship and how Christians grow in their faith, but it begs the question: How do leaders grow?

I believe there are 5 ways we as leaders grow that we’ll look at this week:

#1 -Growing leaders learn from other leaders

It has been said that “experience is a wonderful teacher if you can afford the tuition.” I believe we can learn a great deal just by being around other leaders and asking good questions. I can always tell a church planter who is going to do well and one who is going to struggle simply by the questions (or the lack thereof) they ask.

When I meet with a church leader who spends the entire time talking about great his vision is and how he essentially knows everything, I’m looking at someone who is going to have a tough season ahead of him. Why? Because it is nothing more than arrogance to think you know it all. And even more foolish to waste the time of a leader when you could be learning.

When I meet with leaders I want to learn from, I have a list of questions (sometimes I even bring a notebook and pen) and start firing away. Leaders love to share what they’ve learned because they don’t want one more person to go through what they went through. Learning from other leaders is our opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Actions steps:

1. Make a list of 5 leaders you’d love to spend 30 minutes with.

2. Write down 20 questions that you would really like to know the answer to.

3. Make a commitment to not let one month go by where you aren’t learning from other leader.