How Leaders Grow Part 4

Bob FranquizChurch

#4 – Challenges

Muscles grow when they’re under weight and leaders grow when they’re under a challenge. Show me a leader who’s coasting along and I will bet this leader isn’t growing.

God brings challenges into our lives to grow us as leaders. It’s how Moses, Daniel, David, and Paul all grew. There’s something about a challenge that causes us to think differently, pray more fervently, ask questions, and explore possibilities we never thought possible. Most innovation is simply a response to a challenge. Thomas Edison said “Necessity is the mother of ingenuity.”

Right now the growth of our church is causing a challenge for us with space. We’ve got some time restrictions with our theatre, so it’s causing us to grow in our leadership and imagine possibilities we wouldn’t have thought of had we not had this challenge.

Action Steps:

1. Where are you feeling the weight of leadership right now?

2. How is this changing your thinking?

3. How are you approaching this differently no than you would have a year ago?