How Leaders Grow Part 3

Bob FranquizChurch

#3 – Change

First, let me say that I’m a routine guy. I go to work the same way, get up at the same time, and follow a basic pattern for my life. But when we get out of our routines is when we grow. That’s why conferences are so helpful. It doesn’t even have to be the content. There’s just something about getting on a plane, getting out of the routine, and getting into a new environment that causes us to grow.

That’s why I take one day a month to drive to Tampa to be with a group of Pastors. I think I grow as much in the car on the way there and back as I do while I’m with these guys. In the book, Leadership on the Line, Ronald Heifetz calls it “Balcony Time”. Its the time where we get away and change our perspective. It’s here where we se the changes that need to be made to get to the next level.

Action Steps:

1. Where do you get away to change your perspective?

2. Do you plan to ad any new places?

3. Are you regularly practicing “Balcony Time”?