How Leaders Grow Part 5

Bob FranquizChurch

#5 – Experience

There are some things you can learn from books or from other leaders, but some things you have to learn through experience.

What’s interesting is that these lessons are the ones that make us grow the most. They are also the ones that usually hurt the most as well.

Here’s the truth: Lots of people have experiences and never learn from them. To learn from an experience, you have to evaluate it, reflect on it, and pray it through. God has plenty he wants to show us through our experiences, we simply have to slow down enough to see what it is. Because there’s nothing worse than going through something difficult circumstance and having nothing we gained from it because we didn’t consider what God was doing in our lives in the circumstance.

Action steps:

1. Think about the experiences that have shaped you.

2. Decide to repeat the successes.

3. Decide to not repeat the failures.