How Leaders Grow Part 2

Bob FranquizChurch

#2 – Through Reading Books

I am a huge advocate of reading because it has transformed my ministry. When you read a book, you are gaining the wisdom of 1,000’s of hours of research, life experience, and knowledge.

Plus, you get the opportunity to sit at the feet of men and women who may not even be alive anymore. I’ve read and re-read “Lectures to My Students” by Charles Spurgeon and have learned much from a man who died 80 years before I was born. That’s the power of books. It opens our minds up to the world from the viewpoint of someone else. We can learn about any area of life, all we have to do is pick the book up and read.

Action Steps:

1. Decide how many books you are going to read between now and December 31st.

2. Keep a list of the books you read for your own personal accountability.

3. Start reading!